czwartek, 11 grudnia 2014

niedziela, 16 listopada 2014

"Behind the lines" - 99% done !

Hi all !
As you see, my new vignette is done, if you have any suggestion please fell free to comment !
Thanks for watching !

środa, 12 listopada 2014


Hello !
After looong discuss with my father I decided to changes main vehicle on this vignette and now it will be this:

Opel Kadett (Roy Models resin 1/35)

Before oil paints:
 And after:

sobota, 8 listopada 2014

New FRANCE vignette 1/35

The scene is Add on parts very "well done" product in some good price, and about figures, they are some mix bought on modellers competition. Still a lot of work - Update soon..


Hello !
Diorama is almost done, it is only some figures left, more and better photos in next post :)

And some "half" update :

wtorek, 14 października 2014

New AFRIKA diorama !

Hi everyone ! I hope that still someone came here to watch my news, from my last post there was a lot of changes in  my private and also modelers life so thats why I just cant write here.
But there is some good news now !
I have a lot of modelers work to do and a lot of new friends so will show you very very soon how their models looks like ;)
And now my next project it is open and everything going well so please keep your finger cross for that one ! :)

Before painting the Krupp..
 .. and after,

PS. Better and more photos soon...

środa, 5 marca 2014

'Mercedes G4'

Hello !
Hope still some one looking for my site ;) This time I have end some different project, it is Mercedes Benz G4 in 1/24 th scale made by ICM. It is really nice and clean model but some PE parts need to be add :)
Still I can not find any figures in this scale to make this vignette complete, maybe someone can help me with that ? :)
Please fell free to comment, and enjoy to watch :)
Best regards Michael