środa, 29 kwietnia 2015


Hello !
Few days ago I have found one photo (shown above) that give a lot of new inspiration and I decided to made this !
Because in 1/35th scale this mini diorama will be a little bit to small for me, thats why i decided to made this in 1/24th scale. ICM have this model in 1/24th scale in 3 different version, my was Convertible :)

wtorek, 21 kwietnia 2015

SNIPER - diorama 1/35

Hello everyone !
This time I present you a Tram in 1/35th scale from MiniArt production. Model is made for one of my friend and it will be a part of diorama called Sniper, the idea of diorama comes from Dan Capuano dio.
I have to say that this tram is one of more challenging model I have made till today. Next time I will definietly buy STALINGRAD production tram ...

 Sorry for low quality of this photo below, but diorama has something between 50cm height...

czwartek, 16 kwietnia 2015

Mercedes 170V Cabrio

Hello !
Because I am waiting now to buy and collect few models - buildings, bridges, figures etc to my new biggest diorama, I decided to glue and paint this small project. It is 1/35 170V Mercedes cabrio - of course resin from JMP models, figure was made by myself using some hands and all details from plastic figures + resin Warrior head ;)
Please feel free to comment !