czwartek, 11 lutego 2021

"CHECKMATE" diorama 1/35

 Hello !

Ok i think it is time to show my next ended diorama - Chess match - again in Afrika. 

Diorama is showing a match in chess between Dak and Italian soldiers during Tunis campaign. 

All models are resin this time:

TM40 - it is a new model 3d print plus resin casted from a friend on fb. Something unusuall ;)

Simca - a standart light car made by model Victoria and as always perfect model !!

Gun - it is some rade model from Criel Model found on ebay some days ago 

Figures are a mix - warriors, alpine, mantis, model Victoria etc 

Some shots how its made you can find teo posts below ;) 

Enjoy ! 

Thank you for watching ;)

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