wtorek, 6 lutego 2024

Sdkfz 7/1 - german halftrack.

 Hello !

Ok, so here is another of my work. This time Sdkfz 7/1 model made by trumpeter. I changed gun on Bronco ones also added some photoetched parts from Part and few more small details. 

Here are the results, comments welcome: 

sobota, 20 lutego 2021

Diorama with Horch 1/35

 Hello !

A Quick post with some Pictures of my new almost done diorama with ICM horch. Base and boats with bridge was scratch built.

Soon more photos. 


czwartek, 11 lutego 2021

"CHECKMATE" diorama 1/35

 Hello !

Ok i think it is time to show my next ended diorama - Chess match - again in Afrika. 

Diorama is showing a match in chess between Dak and Italian soldiers during Tunis campaign. 

All models are resin this time:

TM40 - it is a new model 3d print plus resin casted from a friend on fb. Something unusuall ;)

Simca - a standart light car made by model Victoria and as always perfect model !!

Gun - it is some rade model from Criel Model found on ebay some days ago 

Figures are a mix - warriors, alpine, mantis, model Victoria etc 

Some shots how its made you can find teo posts below ;) 

Enjoy ! 

Thank you for watching ;)

wtorek, 19 stycznia 2021

"Desert Patrol"

Hello !
Welcome in new year ;) 
Today i want to present a diorama showing British A10 going On patrol in Afrika desert.

The tank is from Gecko Models which is new for me but i can recommend this model for everyone. Really nicely done tank which you can glue in few days ! 

Gun is from Vulcan models, with figures from Sovereign2000. 

All diorama terrain with walls was made by me ;) 

Diorama is made in cooperation with AK interactive so you can see how it was made from the beginning in their new book.

(All comments welcome) !


poniedziałek, 7 września 2020

Afrika diorama WIP

 Hello boys and girls ! 

Are you still here ?? ;) right now i am prepering a new project which is my favorite afrika diorama placed somewhere in Tunisia town ;) everything was started after i saw a great photo in book about some british armoured cars ;) you can see it in the top of this post.

All details on diorama was made by myself using different materials. If you have any questions just write me a comment ;) 

Cheers !

Tm-40 model made by company i have found on facebook.

First casting from gypsum

All parts waiting to dry off.

First assembly.

Checking all dimensions of base.

Some details...
... and more... 
... and more ;)

First time i used styrodur to make cobblestone.

Road done

Some fences, here you can see different materials used in this project.


Stone well 

Everything placed, time for painting !