sobota, 8 lipca 2017

Witam wszystkich !!!
Dłuższy czas nic nie było publikowane ale z racji wakacji troszkę wolnego czasu w końcu jest. Poniżej fotki mojej najnowszej dioramki "Bad News" którą udało ukończyć się w kwietniu tego roku. Dioramka łącznie z przerwami zajeła 8 miesięcy wcale nie lekkiej pracy ;)
Bardzo powolnym tempem powstaje książka w której postaram się opisać co i jak zostało zrobione, jeśli macie jakieś pytania bądź sugestie śmiało piszcie w komentarzach !!!

Hello everyone !!!
After loopng break from blog i am comming back with my newest diorama called "Bad News". Propably some of you see this on missing-lynx or FB. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to make me a comment !!

piątek, 28 października 2016

"Medal of honor" diorama 1/35

Hello !
I supposted some of you girls and guys was playing in computer game MOH. Last time i come back for a couple of hours and play in this awesome game. In one mission we have to destroy german ground radar, when i saw this.... that was it ! 
I decided to built a diorama include 1/35 th scale radar. On market we can buy only three different radar- ine from des kit (which is smaller), one frkm schatton modellbau, and one from Kora models. I decided to buy the third one, on pictures below you can see what was done so far ;) 

On this diorama willbe also Skoda rso and schwimmwagen or Steyr 1500...
cheers !

środa, 26 października 2016

Small scale dioramas - 1/72 VOTE !

Hello all modelers !
I am coming back with some new stuff, first of all i would like to show rest of my 1/72 dioramas that i have made in last few mounths so lets start with it:

1. Blitzkrieg- diorama shows Pz4 (Hasegawa) with a group of german infantry (metal figures) passing destroyed church (gypsum).

2. Emergency Landing

3. Souvenir

4. Stuck in the river

5. A bridge too far

6. Stalingrad

7. Road to victory

8. Last defence

9. Flattner

10. SWS - mini diorama

11. Street fighters

And thats all for now ;) now its finally time to work on something for me, in 1/35th scale of course ;)
If you can please vote which diorama is the best in your opinion in comments. I will be very greatfull for that.
Regards Michael

czwartek, 25 sierpnia 2016

TWO KARL's 1/72

Hello everybody !
I know, i know there is a veeery long time when i didnt post anything. Because situation in my personal life going better i decided to post a little bit more, minimum will be one post in mounth, so keep your finger crossed ! 
In this post you can see two german karls, both are Hasegawa 1/72 model kits which are awesome ! Both are made out of the box and I added only small wooden bases.
Did you like it ?? 
Comments welcome !!!

piątek, 11 marca 2016

Some water bases in 1/72

Ok so this time i would like to show you my last three dioramas in 1/72 scale that i made to exercises with water ;)