czwartek, 31 grudnia 2015

Junkers Ju 87 B2 1/32

Hello everyone !
This will be my latest model in 2015 ;( but i must say it was really good year in modelling ! I was unfortunetly only in one contest because of my healty situation but everything should be better soon !
So about junkers, I have bought from my friend which decided to sell this beautifull mechine. Model is from Trumpeter which is very good detailed and superbly nice fit, but ... as always i decided to make some small diorama with this item with open windshield, some figures in 1/32 scale and Bmw 315 in 1/35 scale (soon you will see some photos) so i bought Big Edd from
Hope you like it !

niedziela, 25 października 2015

Street Fighters III 1/35

Hello !
After more than mounth my next project is ended. This time you can see a street fight between German and russian infantry, every figures are resin from different producer. Kettenkrad and Sdkfz 250 is from Dragon. If you have any questions or comments please as always you are very welcome !

poniedziałek, 3 sierpnia 2015

S-100 FINISH !

Hello everyone !
I have a lot of work till now, uff ...
It is time to show you S-100 in his actually base, water was made by acrylic resin, and after that I made waves by Vallejo transparent product. If someone of you have any question how I made this or where you can buy any products just write to me ;)
What can you say for these base ? Comments welcome !!!

wtorek, 9 czerwca 2015

Opel Admiral BASE !

Hello everyone !
This time I would like to show you my newest base made for Opel Admiral in 1/24 th scale. My third "water base" ! If you have any question about how it was done or where you can find material for these, feel free to ask me by email or on my new FACEBOOK profile - AFV DIORAMA.
Cheers !

środa, 29 kwietnia 2015


Hello !
Few days ago I have found one photo (shown above) that give a lot of new inspiration and I decided to made this !
Because in 1/35th scale this mini diorama will be a little bit to small for me, thats why i decided to made this in 1/24th scale. ICM have this model in 1/24th scale in 3 different version, my was Convertible :)

wtorek, 21 kwietnia 2015

SNIPER - diorama 1/35

Hello everyone !
This time I present you a Tram in 1/35th scale from MiniArt production. Model is made for one of my friend and it will be a part of diorama called Sniper, the idea of diorama comes from Dan Capuano dio.
I have to say that this tram is one of more challenging model I have made till today. Next time I will definietly buy STALINGRAD production tram ...

 Sorry for low quality of this photo below, but diorama has something between 50cm height...

czwartek, 16 kwietnia 2015

Mercedes 170V Cabrio

Hello !
Because I am waiting now to buy and collect few models - buildings, bridges, figures etc to my new biggest diorama, I decided to glue and paint this small project. It is 1/35 170V Mercedes cabrio - of course resin from JMP models, figure was made by myself using some hands and all details from plastic figures + resin Warrior head ;)
Please feel free to comment !