niedziela, 16 września 2012

Your opinion ?

Hello everyone,
On my site you can find a lot of difficult to buy and difficult to find in original photo models but what is your opinion about that ?

First questionnaire on right side of site ;)

czwartek, 13 września 2012

wtorek, 11 września 2012

Armoured TRAINS !

Hello :)
Two wagon with four turrets done !
Now time to decided what next, maybe another small diorama :) DO you have any interesting photos of WWII ? :)

poniedziałek, 10 września 2012

Armoured wagon - PUMA

Hello !
This time I have used my all skills and make this armoured wagon using - Wagon from Artillery models, scratch build panzer plate and two turrets from Hobby Boss.
Comments are welcome :)

piątek, 7 września 2012

Heinkel Salamander - DONE !!!

Hi !
It is finally done, ufff a lot of ideas and a lot of changes, but in the end I have left only four figures, ofcourse change doors and add Mercedes.
Comments are very welcome :)

PS. More photo will be soon. 

wtorek, 4 września 2012