niedziela, 8 marca 2015

S-100 1/35 Italeri !!!

Hello !
So finally I decided to show to all modelers, my latest model :
S-100 in 1/35 th scale from Italeri.
Models was made not of the box. I have used resin 
S-Boat Armoured "Skull Cap" Bridge Conversion 
made by Mastercasters and photoetched parts 
BIG ED from Eduard.
and mines from 
AFVclub plastic kit.
Because not everyone like to put standart figure From Italeri on model like me I decided to use U-models resin figure, actually they have approximetly 25 or maybe even more different figure from Kriegsmarine, but if you are looking for something more there is an second option - Azimut production made 10 resin figure to put on their S-100. unfortunetly they are very rare and hard to find.

If you have any question about any of this item that i have used or you are looking something to make your boat, please feel free to contasct with me on email ! 
Constructive feedback very welcome !!!
Best regards. 

 PS. In near future there will be a small base with water, photos soon ...

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