środa, 26 października 2016

Small scale dioramas - 1/72 VOTE !

Hello all modelers !
I am coming back with some new stuff, first of all i would like to show rest of my 1/72 dioramas that i have made in last few mounths so lets start with it:

1. Blitzkrieg- diorama shows Pz4 (Hasegawa) with a group of german infantry (metal figures) passing destroyed church (gypsum).

2. Emergency Landing

3. Souvenir

4. Stuck in the river

5. A bridge too far

6. Stalingrad

7. Road to victory

8. Last defence

9. Flattner

10. SWS - mini diorama

11. Street fighters

And thats all for now ;) now its finally time to work on something for me, in 1/35th scale of course ;)
If you can please vote which diorama is the best in your opinion in comments. I will be very greatfull for that.
Regards Michael

3 komentarze:

  1. Hej! Podziwiam :) ale i przyczepić się muszę: #6 Panthery pojawiły się chyba dopiero pod Kurskiem. Chyba że czegoś nie wiem.

  2. Blitz & Poland 1940???